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Coming soon - your brain on writing!

December 10, 2021 Thesiswhisperer Season 2 Episode 1
Thesiswhisperer Pod
Coming soon - your brain on writing!
Show Notes

What is your brain on writing?

Anitra, Narelle and Megan have gone off on other projects, leaving Inger in charge of the podcast feed. She got bored, so she made a new podcast with Paul Magee, who teaches  poetry and research at the University of Canberra, unpick the science of reading and writing with the help of Rosie, Isaac and Tara, undergraduates at the Centre for Public Awareness of Science at the ANU.

We’ll look at how boredom works and how writers sometimes use it to their advantage. We’ll look at the body of reader and writer alike, and the subtle ways texts bring it into play as we give voice to them. We’ll look at the relationship between gesture and writing. The way memory relates to the units of writing—the phrase, sentences and paragraphs—to build up coherent worlds. The different ways people think when they write scholarly essays, compared to poems or novels. 

 Your Brain on Writing came about because Paul and Inger  like to talk about books about books: where writing comes from, and where it takes us as we read it. Stay tuned for the first episode of Your Brain on Writing, which will be out early in 2022.

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