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Episode three - The town hall

September 11, 2021
Thesiswhisperer Pod
Episode three - The town hall
Show Notes

Inger, Megan, Anitra and Narelle continue their episode by episode forensic  examination of 'The Chair'. This time we're examining episode three: The Town Hall.

Once again we're joined for this episode by Professor Pauline Reynolds who is a legitimate expert on representations of academics in popular culture. She's even written books and stuff! You can find out about Pauline's research here.

This might be our favourite episode of The Chair and not just because of Joan setting fire to her evals. We discuss 'bill whiplash', IT guys, that admin person who holds everything together and Ji Yoon's amazing day to night outfit - amongst many other things.

The Academics who talk about the Chair this week are:

Inger Mewburn: @thesiswhisperer on Twitter and The Thesiswhisperer blog (you can also listen to her other podcast 'On The Reg')

Megan McPherson: @MeganJMcPherson on insta and twitter (where you can also meet her cats Maximum, Dulcie and Mr Fin. ) You can find out more and see Megan's art on

Narelle Lemon:-@rellypops and @wellbeingwhisp1 on Twitter and Instagram - and @rellypops AND @Exploreandcreateco on @Instagram. Visit Explore and Create Co.

Anitra Nottingham (identical twin sister of Inger, which is confusing because she sounds EXACTLY the same - you'll just have to roll with it!). You can find her @anitranot on all the things and her website

Pauline Reynolds is @representingHE on Twitter and you can find out about Pauline's research here.

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