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Episode Seven: Defiant Jazz

September 17, 2023 Thesiswhisperer Season 2 Episode 7
Thesiswhisperer Pod
Episode Seven: Defiant Jazz
Show Notes

You'll never look at mandated company fun the same way after this episode, especially when it becomes clear that inter-departmental politics can get its own body count. 

Prof Narelle Lemon, who is now at Edith Cowan University, joins us again to dissect episode seven of Severance. There's so much in this episode - the action is really heating up. Milcheck tries his best to keep a lid on the simmering tensions, and only earns himself a bite from Dylan. There is no Ricken in this episode, but he is till present in his absence. 

Everything seems to be heading in a bad direction - but will worker solidarity win out over corporate oppression? We can't wait to find out.

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