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Episode one: The good news about Hell

August 06, 2023 Season 2 Episode 1
Thesiswhisperer Pod
Episode one: The good news about Hell
Show Notes

Welcome to episode one of Academics talk about Severance': the Apple TV show that has a lot to say about Work. We hope this series helps you cope with fact that season two seems to be infinitely delayed, or maybe just stuck on the Severance Floor.

For our first episode, we reunite the band from Academics Talk About the Chair (at least some of us) and delve into Episode One: Helly's sub-optimal onboarding experience.

We are joined by our friend and expert on academic wellness, Professor Narelle Lemon, of Explore and Create Co. We explore the concept of emotional labor, the unique experience that is university onboarding, and the societal fear of older women. 

Inger talks about waffle slabs a bit too much, while Anitra explains corporate culture building using a ladder, a monkey and a banana.

See you in the break room!

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